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Art for Real

Illustrating the intersection of the tangible and unseen; to tell a visual story of love and wholeness.

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Your thoughts mean the world to me. As an artist I am constantly trying to paint the mysteries of the heavenly realms. I have seen many people have encounters with the Lord and receive healing through art, and I would love to know how my art has affected you. Have you seen me paint during worship? Perhaps been given a print or card of my work? What did you sense God was saying to you when you saw it? Maybe you are seeing my work for this first time. Please have a look around, reach out and share your thoughts.

I want more than just a pretty picture, I need to connect with people at a place where healing exists. Creating something that moves our inner being.

— Dinah Rau

I Can Bring Your Ideas to Life

I'm an artist who loves helping real people. If you'd like to work with me, here's what we can do together.

Art Commission

Have a blank wall and need something just right for the space? The right colors, the right size, or simply a piece — made just for you — that inspires and uplifts your spirit every time you see it? Consider an art commission.
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Design Consulting

Turns out I'm not just a canvas painter, but also have a knack for interior design — particularly as a colorist. Color creates an environment. I can help you create the perfect one for your space.
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Prophetic Painting

Prophetic art is sharing what God has put on an individual’s heart through artistic expression. If you would like to embrace prophetic art at your church, I am available for Conferences & Church Events, Workshops, and even Private Lessons!
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